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    Data solutions
    We provide excellent data protection for our customers
    and the speed of cloud computing.
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    Web development

    It's important for every business to have an online presence
    and that represents a huge opportunity for you.

    Choosing the right web development company can
    make a world of difference.

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About us

We are a small Ukrainian company that provides a wide range of Enterprise solutions. Founded in 2015, we were able to create a variety of projects and support them now using a wide range of cloud-based solutions.

Long term support

We are focused on long-term cooperation with our customers, including (but not limited to) service and project support.

Perfect processes

We provide the best practice of software development and software engineering

Dedicated team

You get a flexible SCRUM team with professional software engineers working for your business

Wide technology stack

We don't limit development using several technologies.

Our works

Web application
Promotion platform for social networks
A fully automated pharmacy trade system.
Microting EForm
Business’s paper forms replacer

Ukraine Outsourcing

Ukraine is a great platform for outsourcing and business. In Ukraine, a beautiful timezone 2+ that allows us to work with a flexible schedule with clients from Europe and even from the United States.

High skilled labour

In Ukraine, more than 100,000 certified software engineers and universities produce more than 16,000 IT professionals every year. Our country has one of Europe's best IT professionals base that prove themselves all over the world.

Business infrastructure

Ukrainian culture in the IT business attracts investors from all over the world. For this reason, in recent years the IT business in Ukraine is growing rapidly and more and more companies trust themselves in the hands of a good service and excellent quality.